Art Work & Design Services

Our qualified and experienced designers are skilled at producing compelling designs which will get your job noticed. We give you a fixed price for your artwork at the Outset, so you can keep control of your costs. There may be a small charge for amendments to original artwork.

We can work from images supplied, by yourself, through either email or hard copy.

Our design service includes sending you a colour copy for checking content before going to print.

Every design we produce is archived on our computer system for a period of 2 years. This makes updates simple and inexpensive.

If you prefer we can save your design to cd (Apple Mac format) for you to keep as well.

How to Supply Your Artwork

All designs are recommended to be supplied in an Apple Macintosh format for optimum quality:

Photoshop saved as PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPG format.
QuarkXpress include all EPS, TIFF and fonts.
Illustrator include all embedded images & convert all text to curves.
Coral Draw saved as TIFF, EPS or JPG format & convert all text to curves.
Freehand saved as TIFF, EPS or JPG format & convert all text to curves.
PDF 300dpi CMYK, FONTS EMBEDDED, All files must be supplied in CMYK unless specified

FONTS: All screen and PostScript fonts need to be supplied unless converted to curves.

COLOURS: All colours on documents need to be set to CMYK. RGB is not an acceptable printing format.

RESOLUTION: When supplying images, ensure that they are scanned at 300dpi and are at 100% otherwise quality will be compromised.

BLEED: (TRIM) & CUTTING: All files need 3mm bleed for cutting. If files are supplied without any bleed they will be given a border, so they can be cut correctly. For printing to be finished correctly, please ensure that any text or logos are 4mm away from the edge.

NOT ACCEPTED: Documents that are designed in any of the following formats or colour settings:

Pagemaker, Photopaint Pro, any Microsoft program, RGB, Indexed colour, PICT or Lab colour.

Following these guidelines ensures that there will be no delays with printing. If you have any problem, don't hesitate to call our design team on 07812 600756 who will be more than willing to help.